Agilent E4440A RFI-SA-317084

PSA スペクトラム・アナライザ、3 Hz〜26.5 GHz

111 USB Device side I/O.
115 Extended Memory.
123 Switchable Microwave and Millimeter Wave Preselector Bypass.
140 40 MHz Bandwidth Digitizer.
1DS Adds a 100 kHz to 3.05 GHz Preamp to the lowband path.
210 HSDPA/HSUPA measurement personality.
B7J Adds an electronic attenuator to the lowband path (< 3.05 GHz).
BAF W-CDMA Measurement Personality.
UK6 Commercial calibration performed by a Keysight factory.
型番 RFI-SA-317084
販売価格 2,300,000円(税抜)